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The Rise of China and Mandarin Language

At some point, you may have to learn Chinese. The rise of China into a major world economic and political power is phenomenal. Until recently, China has been a third world country wallowing in obscurity. It is now the second most important global economy is magical. The GDP of China is expected to surpass that of the US within this decade. This is predicted to be as much as by a factor of 2 or 3 in the future!

The global position of China economically has also grown to be so strong. Kenya stands to gain more if its Kenyans can understand and speak Mandarin language. For the same reason, some countries have introduced Mandarin classes in their curriculum. They include South Africa, Uganda and Kenya from the year 2020.

Logically, teaching Mandarin in Kenyan schools will have a positive impact. As a result, it will improve job competitiveness and facilitate better trade and connections between Kenya and China.

Our Mandarin Chinese Courses

The Language School in Kenya offers Chinese language for beginners. We offer short, regular and customized Chinese classes in Nairobi. So, if you were wondering where to learn Chinese, we are one of the best Chinese language school in Nairobi. We focus on quality attention and learning process. As a result, we have small groups for Chinese classes.

Similarly, we organize Mandarin classes in Nairobi for private students. Moreover, we conduct corporate Chinese classes in Nairobi for companies and organizations. This option for corporate and private Chinese classes in Nairobi offers the most flexibly. We know you are busy and may not have a regular of fixed schedule to learn Chinese. We have catered for you in one of our Chinese language programs.

This Chinese language course is ideal for students in higher institutions pursuing their career. This may be business oriented or in international relations. Similarly, if you are working in an organization that deals with China or Chinese clients, you will find it beneficial. It’s paramount importance that you learn Chinese. This course is also excellent for business people.

Learning Chinese language in Kenya

Our Courses

In today’s world, pursuing a Chinese language course is almost a necessity. Why do you think so? Until recently, the Chinese economy has grown exponentially. As a result, the Chinese have entered every market all over the world.

There are many reasons and benefits for learning Chinese language. Some people would like to learn Chinese for communication. Some would love to learn Chinese for travel and leisure.

Generally, learning a new language keeps your brain active. It also opens doors to unlimited opportunities for you. Whatever the reason, you can never go wrong learning Chinese language.

After all, would you imagine being left out of the windfall that comes with doing business with the world’s new economic superpower? Absolutely not. That’s why you need to enroll for a Chinese course today. Furthermore, you can learn at your own convenience.

Our Chinese language course is tailor-made for all levels. Below is a description of our Chinese classes in Nairobi:


There is an increasing number of people who would like to learn Chinese language courses from scratch every day. I am glad you are one of them. You will need 120 hours to complete this Chinese course for Beginners. 

There are 6 units in total. In every unit, there are 2 lessons. Each lesson has 1 to 2 topics. One quiz per topic. One long dialogue and one long story per unit. Two assigned presentation tasks per unit. At the end of the whole course there will be an evaluation test.

Business English skills are essential for getting ahead at the work place.

Its important to improve your business English vocabulary and general knowledge. This will enable you to effectively handle your work in an English-speaking environment with confidence. This will consequently open up new career opportunities for you.

As a result, we offer Business English course for professionals. they could be working in companies but feel inadequate in the knowledge and expression in English.

We equip individuals and groups the practical skills required at the workplace. They include interview skills, writing clear emails and conversation. This generally increases their awareness of business topics and issues.

Additionally, we have a host of activities and tasks designed to help you understand the topic. It will also help you to use the English language such as videos, listening materials, reading articles and much more.

There’s nothing better that being able to express yourself confidently to your clients and colleagues.

Have you ever wished you could speak English like a native speaker? Or, have you wondered why some adults struggle to pronounce English words correctly? Or some still struggle with a strong mother-tongue accent?

Your guess is as good as mine. It goes back  to the foundation during the formative years.

Therefore, giving your child the best foundation possible in education is an excellent investment into the child’s future.

Obviously, your child will compete favourably or better than the other children. It will also enhance the kids confidence and thus his or her future career prospects.

What a better way to jumpstart the future of your child! Would you like your kid to speak English flawlessly?

We now have customized English classes for children of all ages. In addition, our teachers are well trained and very experienced in their fields.

Imagine being able to learn English from the comfort of your home or office, or even while out if the field. Isn’t this wonderful?

You can now learn English online at Language School in Kenya at your own convenience, pace and rhythm. Moreover, this will save you the time you waste commuting to and from school. Additionally, it will  save you some money which you could have used in transportation.

Oh, did I even mention escaping the unbearable traffic jams?


The benefits of learning English online are undebatable. You can join our online english classes and see how fast you progress!

A number of people from non-English speaking environment regularly struggle with their spoken English. One reason therefore could be the lack of opportunity and an enabling environment to practice.

Somehow, it could also be due to limited vocabulary or poor grammatical structure. Whatever the case, all these factors affect ones confidence in self-expression.

Worry no more! We now have conversational classes. As a result, you can come and have the opportunity to practice and build your skills. Before you know it, you’ll grow in confidence tremendously and your productivity will sky-rocket.

Why Learn Mandarin Chinese ?

  • #1: China has the largest population on earth. We now have more than 1.4 billion people in China. When you learn Chinese, you are able to communicate with many people and connect on a deeper level. It expands the scope of your business.
  • #2: Being able to speak Chinese will place you a step ahead in your career. It will expand your horizons and give you a strategic advantage in career and business. Your career prospects and employment opportunities will increase greatly. Fluent Chinese workers are highly sought after by companies and multinationals, thanks to globalization. So, why not learn Chinese?
  • #3: How did you feel when a foreigner spoke to you in your language? There’s nothing better than speaking the language of your client! When you speak Chinese, it enhances mutual trust and eases your integration in the cultural setup of your Chinese friends. It’s an amazing way to do business.
  • #4: Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world with approximately 1,4 billion people native Chinese speakers. This translates to 14% of the global population. Chinese may soon become the the lingua franca of international trade. So, by having a strong command of Chinese, you will be able to conduct your business communication effectively

9 Reasons to Learn Mandarin

Study Options For Chinese Classes

There are several study options tailored to your needs and convenience. Some students want to complete one level in a matter of days or weeks. Yet others are comfortable with a slow paced program. So this entirely depends on you.

For example, you can take Immersion program, which will take 5 weeks to complete level A1 and A2. Therefore this is ideal if you want to settle in a new language and environment soonest.

If you are busy at work, you can take a less intense program like the extensive or standard option. However, it will take a little longer to complete one level.

Study Option & Duration

Option Hours per day Lessons per week Hours per month
Extensive 1.5 3 18
Standard 2 3 24
Semi intensive 2 4 32
Intensive 2 5 40
Super intensive 3 5 60
Immersion 5 5 100

Chinese Dialects

A dialect is a form of a language that people speak in a particular region of a country. A dialect contains some different words and grammar.

For example, there are several English dialects. They include the British dialect, the American dialect and the Australian dialect. Other dialects are the Irish, Canadian and even Kenyan. These English dialects differ from each other. This difference occurs in lexis (vocabulary), grammar (structure) and phonology (pronunciation). English speakers from different countries and regions use different types of pronunciation. Their Grammatical constructions also differ from one another.

A dialect most often concerns regional speech patterns. It can also be defined by factors such as social class and ethnicity. The features that distinguish dialects are mostly found in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

The Main Chinese Dialects

Chinese language is divided into seven main dialects. They include Mandarin, Wu, Gan, Xian, Min, Hakka and Yue. The Mandarin dialect is the main dialect spoken in China. It is spoken by 70% of Chinese. Additionally, the dialect has even influenced other language speakers to speak Mandarin dialect.

Opening yourself to new language learning offers lots of significant advantages to your brain. Whatever your reason for learning Chinese, it is always beneficial to learn Chinese.

China has the world’s largest manufacturing economy. It’s also the world’s largest consumer market. Logically, learning Mandarin helps to enhance communication since China offers amazing business opportunities. The main Chinese dialects include:

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin (Putonghua) is the main dialect in China. It is the official standard language of China and Taiwan. It’s spoken mainly in Northern and Southwestern China. Mandarin language is shaped and based on Beijing and other languages. It is spoken by 70% of the population in china. It stretches from Yunnan in the Southwest to Xinjiang in the Northwest.

Moreover, it extends to Heilongjiang in the northeast. Beijing has been in the Mandarin area for the last millennium. This makes the dialect very influential. Some of its forms have served as the national lingua franca since the 14th century.

Other Chinese Dialects

Other Chinese dialects include the WU dialect. WU is spoken in the Yangtze delta and the coastal region around Shanghai. There are more than 80 million speakers of Wu. The group comprises hundreds of distinct spoken forms. Many of these are not mutually incomprehensible. The varieties are distinguished by their retention or voiced or murmured obstruct initials.

GAN dialect spoken by most of the West and South of Wu dialect. There are often few people who speak the language and are mostly found in the Jiangxi area. The Nanchang language is taken as representative. 

XIANG dialect is mostly used by people from the Southern region, that is Hunan and Hubei. They are surrounded by the Mandarin speakers in all directions. The new Xiang varieties are represented by the Changsha dialect.

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