Translation Services

We offer quick and certified document translation services in Kenya. This is done in conjunction with DTIS-K company.

Since 2010, we have perfected the art of translation in Kenya. We are now one of the top translation companies in Kenya. As a result, we can handle any language pair. This includes several African languages.

Our services include translation of all types of documents. We guarantee high quality work and satisfaction. We work in different fields such as academic, legal, commercial, technical, scientific, medical, & more.

Moreover, our translation services in Kenya are acceptable by foreign embassies. The Immigration Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State Law Office also accept our translations.

We have a qualified and experienced team of translators. They have several years’ experience in their specific areas of expertise. Our global network of freelance translators ensure a quick turnaround for your project with unmatched quality.

Translation and Interpretation Services in Kenya

Interpretation Services

We provide high quality interpretation services in Kenya and the East Africa Region. We offer simultaneous interpretation, conference interpretation, consecutive interpretation, chochutage or whispering interpretation, remote interpretation, telephone interpretation, video interpretation, travel interpretation, meet and greet services, and sight interpretation for different types of meetings.

We have ISO standard simultaneous interpretation equipment in Kenya. Moreover, the simultaneous interpretation equipment is available for rent in Nairobi and in Kenya at large.

What is the Difference between Translation and Interpretation?

These two terms can be confusing to many people. Some people think that they mean the same thing and use them interchangeably.

However, they are different notions altogether and are not interchangeable, but are closely related or intertwined, as you are about to find out.

Translation is the communication of meaning of a source language text by means of an equivalent target language text. Therefore, translation refers to written information, whereas interpretation refers to spoken or oral information (ISO 17100:2015(en) p.2.1.2).

Content and Website Localization

One word can mean one thing (positive) in one place, and have a totally different meaning (negative) in another place. Same word.

A small misquotation in our modern, social-media-driven culture can unnecessarily push your company into a major public relations disaster.

You may consequently be forced to issue a public apology which may cheapen your genuine expressions of remorse, and could in worst case scenario result in long-term reputational damage.

But why get into this mess in the first place?

The solution is localization of your content to be perfectly understood by a target audience in their own language and cultural context.

Have you ever wondered whether your message is resonating well with a particular section of the targeted audience? There’s nothing worse than a well-intended message being misunderstood.

We provide content localization such as website localization in Kenya for businesses and companies that want to make meaningful impact globally.

However, most companies do not yet grasp the correct meaning of the term “website localization”.
Most companies equate “localization” with “translation,” but in real sense, website localization is more nuanced than just displaying words in another language.
Simply put, website localization is the process of refining website content through culture, language and flow to provide the most useful and relevant experience for users.

Importance of Localizing Your Website
The usage of internet technologies has been expanding exponentially over the years. This sustained growth and expansion will continue in the future as accessibility increases.

Therefore, having a website is a highly valuable asset for any forward thinking-company.

In our modern and highly globalized world, the website has the power to attract new visitors, provide them with information about your product or service, and, most importantly, conduct a sale.

In order to achieve maximum effect on the intended audience, its message has to be clear and fully understood by the people reading its content.

Transcription Services

Transcription services in Kenya is a rising market niche. We are one of the widely recognized Language Service Providers in Kenya.
Over the years, we have provided various language services in Kenya, including transcription services, translation services, interpretation services and language training.

As a leading language service provider in Kenya, DTIS-K has a 100% track record of success in provision of high quality and affordable transcription services.
Transcription services involve listening to an audio recording or watching a video or speech and converting it into text form. Afterwards, the drafts of the transcriptions can be reviewed by the Quality Assurance team and the client.
As COVID 19 forces the world to take the greatest plunge in digital migration in the history of humanity, this has accelerated the growth of the communication sector.
More and more people document events in form of recorded audio or video.
However, for every audio or video recorded, there is even a greater need to put this information in the most iconic and reliable documentation system of all times namely, print. Consequently, there is rising need for transcription services.