Language School in Kenya Learn in a multi-cultural environment. Online Classes Available. Our students come from different countries of the world. Online classes at Language School in Kenya Summer language programs in Kenya Online Classes Available. Suitable for university students seeking an experience abroad. Learn Swahili in Kenya Language Classes for families. Online Classes Available. You can take lessons at home for your whole family. Language programs for special groups. Online Classes Available. We have customized courses for volunteers, exchange students, etc. small classes Small group classes. Online Classes Available. Guaranteed personalized attention for every learner. Educational and cultural excursions. Online Classes Available. What a better way to relax and discover?

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Perhaps you are looking for  language schools in Nairobi. The Language School in Kenya Nairobi offers immersion language programs and other customized, short language courses in Kenya.

It is a women-led institution that was founded in 2010 to provide quality language services in Kenya.

So far, we have created employment opportunities for the youth, women and refugees living in Kenya.

As a result, we offer foreign languages training, translation & interpretation services. Others are transcription services, language localization services and language recruitment services.

You can now speak a new language in as few as just 10 days under our immersion program.

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Besides, we offer the language courses in a conducive and multi-cultural environment. So, you can learn a language at your own convenience, time and place.

It could be at your office or at home; after work, during lunch hour, in the morning or in the evening.

Additionally, we are very affordable among language schools in Nairobi to suit your budget and needs. Our training starts from Beginners (European Level A1) to Advanced level (European Level C1).

Importantly, we have online classes in Nairobi for all languages. Imagine being able to study from the comfort of your home or office without moving!

We offer the following general, specialized, regular and part-time language courses in Kenya:

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Our vision is to become the leading Language Services Provider of choice in Africa.

Our mission is youth and women empowerment. As a result, we achieve this through creation of jobs and opportunities for career development in the language services sector.

  • We offer our language courses in a conducive and multi-cultural environment.
  • You learn at your own convenience, time and place of your choice. It can either be at the office or at home, after work, during lunch hour, in the morning or in the evening.
  • We focus on small classes. Our typical class is 8 students maximum.
  • We have qualified and very experienced teachers.

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The Language School in Kenya Nairobi


Our language classes in Nairobi are either individualized, private, or in small classes with a maximum of 8 students. Undoubtedly, individual or private classes offer one the comfort of studying at one’s pace and convenience,. Small group classes ensure the optimum teacher-learner ratio and interaction.


We have bilingual teaching staff who are highly motivated and have many years of teaching experience. Moreover, the longest member of staff has more than 20 years’ experience, while the least has 2 years’ worth of experience. Their qualifications range from Diploma level to Master’s degree.


Our students come from several countries including Brazil, Portugal, Japan, China, Austria, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Spain, and France. Others are Benin, DRC Congo, Angola, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Gabon, Sudan, Mali, Tanzania and many others

Our Courses

Spanish Courses

Among language schools in Nairobi, we offer short Spanish classes for professionals and students in higher institutions. In addition, we offer crash programs in Spanish courses for those who are planning to move to abroad for education or business.

Learn Spanish Online

Take your Spanish classes online. It’s a very convenient way to save time and costs wasted in the traffic jams. So, what’s your excuse?

Swahili Courses

The Language School in Kenya Nairobi is privileged to have extensive experience in teaching Kiswahili lessons to foreigners in East Africa since 2010. As a result, it is now recognized as one of the best language schools in Nairobi to learn Swahili in Kenya and Zanzibar.

Learn Swahili Online

It is now possible to learn Kiswahili lessons online at your own convenience and schedule, without moving at all!

IELTS Courses

IELTS Kenya Training Centre prepares candidates to pass the IELTS test in Kenya. Moreover, you can prepare for the IELTS exam our centre in Nairobi and sit for the IELTS Exam anywhere in the world. IELTS Academic, IELTS General, IELTS UKVI and PTE tests.

IELTS in Kenya

Preparing for IELTS in Kenya is now easier without leaving your home. Follow the course Online!

Online Classes for Kids

Did you know that kids DON’T STRUGGLE to learn a new language? Give your kid a HEAD START in life by exposing them to foreign languages.

English Courses

Small language classes in Nairobi

English in Kenya: You can now learn English in Kenya at one of the best English language schools in Nairobi. For students and individuals who would like to migrate to or study in English-speaking countries. Often, English is the language or instruction or is a mandatory requirement.

Learn English Online

Did you know that you can now you can easily learn English online? What a convenient way to follow your English courses!

French Courses

French Classes in Nairobi

Moreover, we offer tailored French classes in Nairobi. This is ideal for students and professionals working in Nairobi or planning to move to French-speaking countries like France, Canada or any Francophone country for travel, studies, business or immigration purposes.

Learn French Online

You  no longer have to worry about travelling to town to attend your French classes. Enjoy the French lessons online.

Kikuyu Classes

Kikuyu woman in traditional Kikuyu costume

Learn Kikuyu: only for those who genuinely love Kenya and dream of one day impressing the president by speaking his native language. Spoken by almost 7 million Kenyans, you can join our Kikuyu classes now and connect with your roots. You never know. Learning Kikuyu is so much easier.

Kikuyu Lessons

Don’t say you didn’t hear! We now offer Kikuyu lessons online for all who want to connect with 7 million Kenyans.

Home Schooling & Tuition Services in Nairobi.

Are your kids struggling with some subject(s) in school or even homework ? Do not let it be ! We now offer home schooling and tuition services for kids of all ages. Let your kid excel in school by getting a private tutor !

Our Courses

Chinese Classes in Kenya

Learning Chinese language in Kenya

China is a rising economic and political superpower that can not be ignored. Besides, you can now learn Chinese and position yourself to do business and diplomacy. With the growing stature of Chinese language in particular, you can never go wrong.

Learn Chinese Online

We now have Chinese classes in Nairobi online, from any location. Learn at your convenience and rhythm. Life’s getting even easier.

Arabic Courses

2016-06-04 22.28.38 - Copy

Language School in Kenya now offers short courses in Standard Arabic. Incidentally, Standard Arabic is the most spoken Afro-Asiatic language in the world. Consequently, it is spoken by 274 million people ranking just behind French. Don’t be left out.

Learn Arabic Online

Join our students to learn Arabic lessons online. You decide your schedule and learn to speak Arabic like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves!

Kenyan Languages


Kenya is a melting pot of 45 cultures. Accordingly, one way you can experience the Kenyan culture and connect to your roots is to learn a local language. If you live in the diaspora and feel connected, you can now rediscover yourself. Excellent for kids and youth.

Online Classes

Learn any Kenyan language now online. Wherever you are, we bring the school to you, at your terms. connect to your roots now!

New Students Join Every First Day of The Week

We have new, small group classes at the beginning and at the middle of every new month. Private  and online classes start any time. Call now to find out about our intakes on +254 703 22 88 40.









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